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Black Tusk Enterprise provides a customizable and open development platform that empowers customers to manage their data while meeting requirements regarding flexibility and scalability of backend services.

What we offer

Black Tusk Enterprise is a product which is tailored to modern, secure and adaptable data management in the cloud.

Black Tusk Enterprise is hosted either as public or private cloud. For each plan we can provide sufficient security measures, such as state of the art SSL/TSL-encryption for communication security to our services and encryption of all data at rest.

Depending on the customer's requirement Black Tusk offers a variety of service levels: from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to platform as a service (PaaS) to software as a service (SaaS).

Since many years Black Tusk Services prove their concept in the sports and health domain. Expanding their target group, Black Tusk Enterprise now represents a novel and smart alternative to common data outcourcing. Back Tusk Enterprise and its IT-infrastructure can reduce risk and costs while increasing availabilty and access to data for any application.

Software architecture

structured and precise

Schema-editor, storage and ID server form the basic architecture of Black Tusk Enterprise.

A proprietary schema-editor ...

is able to generate any XML- or JSON data structure which is then placed in the strorage. This file architecture is not solely intended to store data, it further defines a workflow for data analyses. Data structure is developed with the customer in advance, but requirements can be easily added and implemented afterwards.

Core component is a repository service which organizes data of the users by sorting and storing it in several databases depending on the type of data.

StorageAPI manages the access to the storage units and authorizes access to and deposition of data into the repository. Mobile applications or external systems and sources utilize the interface to download and upload data.

The ID system, which is built around the ID server, represents a vital part of the security measures of Black Tusk Enterprise. It serves as a hub for every authorization that is issued. In addition to authorizing a server or a user towards the storage, the ID server also checks whether a permission is still valid and entitled for certain actions.


Authorization of components is accomplished by requesting a token from the ID server. After receiving a token the component is authorized. Once it tries to establish a connection through storageAPI, the presented claim of the component is being checked by the ID server. This mechanism prevents illegal data access. After verification data can be stored in the databases according to predefined schemas.

Data security

By default, data at rest is encrypted at any given moment in the storage. Furthermore, personal and sensitive data is individually encrypted for each user. For measures of usability and availibility, certain nonsensitive data is not individually encrypted, but a state of the art general encryption is applied and an unidentifiable ID is assigned to it. Communication between components and our services is encrypted with SSL.


adaptable and customizable

Information Technology

Black Tusk Enterprise enables you to easily collaborate and communicate between each other. It is an ideal solution for joint venture operations or projects across multiple companies. The development platform ensures data acquisition without any gap due to individually defined data structure and architecture. XML- and JSON data schemas can be tailored to scope and size of the project. Black Tusk Enterprise serves as an appropriate and secure platform for development and implementation of your ideas and solutions.


You can utilise Black Tusk Enterprise as a data warehouse for location-independent and valid data acquisition. The software increases range, optimizes flow of data between involved parties and reduces cost at the same time. Customized data structure is a precondition for successful data management of consistant quality. The unique and refined metadata architecture of Black Tusk Enterprise replaces costly data scrubbing and evalutation. Due to intelligent mapping between several bitstreams Black Tusk Enterprise can ensure usable results.

Sports and health:

The first cloud solution of Black Tusk was established early, in the field of sport training management for professional, competetive and recreational sports. The software empowers trainers and athletes to handle their personal fitness by capturing data through a variety of sensors, monitoring relevant training parameters and analyzing their training and health data including stress analysis. A complex communication system provides continous monitoring and feedback of athletes in real-time.


Due to its dedication to competetive sports Black Tusk formed a close partnership with the mounatinbike team ToMotion racing as a main sponsor. Since over six years ToMotion utilizes Black Tusk ProSports for a successful management of their athletes.

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